NWA Home Inspector FAQs

Servicing Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas including: Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Gentry, West Fork, Springdale, West Fork, Prarie Grove, Farmington and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

What is a Home Inspection ?

A Home Inspection is a VISUAL INSPECTION of the physical home.  All elements of a typical home are inspected to the depth possible by looking, and operating all components possible.   This includes the grounds in addition to the home, to the extent that the grounds can or could affect the home.  The Garage is inspected.  Fences, pools and retaining walls are not normally a part of the home inspection.  Everything on or in the home is inspected, including the Structural components to the extent they are visible.

Can Safe at Home inspect commercial buildings ?

YES!  Safe at Home is qualified to perform several types of commercial inspections.  A simple general inspection will be priced the same as a residential home.  A highly detailed investor inspection can take several days, call for a quote.

Do the reported issues affect the price I have contracted for ?

The report contains issues and information you should/need to know as a home buyer.  This report may contain things you already were aware of before you negotiated your contract price.  There is usually no contractual obligation for the seller to change the contract price based on the Home inspection results.  However, as buyer you usually have contract rights related to the Home inspection which your real estate agent or attorney will be able to explain to you.  The Home Inspection report is an informational tool that will assist you in making decisions related to those rights in an intelligent informed manner.  The Home Inspection report also provides value beyond the real estate contract, as it will inform you of areas of your new home which may need monitoring, maintenance or special care.

What is your Email and phone Number ?

Phone: 479-422-1797 – Email: [email protected]

How quickly can you perform my inspection, I have a deadline in the contract? In some cases, same day service.  Most always 1 – 3 days.

Should I have all the utilities turned on before the inspection ?

YES !  If the water, Gas, or Electric is OFF, the inspector will be unable to inspect related aspects of the home.  This will reduce the scope and effectiveness of an inspection.

Can My Air Conditioner be inspected on Cold days ?

No,  it is only recommended to run the A/C compressor on days the exterior temperature is above 60 or 65 degrees.

Will my inspection take place if the weather is rainy or snow covered ?

Yes,  the inspection will always take place up to the point of a natural disaster.

What if the inspector can’t see an area or walk the roof ?

Because each home is different and sometimes occupied, it is possible that an area can not be viewed.  However, I will report any limitation, such as occupants boxes stacked along a wall, Roof too steep or slippery (or even the possible critter in the crawl).   I will also report how I viewed a roof or the tightest crawl space.  I will use Binoculars, mirrors, ladders and lights at every point possible.

Can I tag along ?

The customer is welcome and encouraged to accompany myself and will have a fuller understanding of the home.  I am happy to take the time to explain all as I inspect the home or review the findings after I am done.

Can you refer people to fix the issues found ?

This is a question of ethics, and one of the main reasons that most states now require Home Inspectors to be licensed.  I usually do not give referals.  Most inspectors consider this to be an ethical violation which may result in sanctions by the State of Arkansas.

Will you tell me how much it will cost to fix?

Costs to fix anything in a home can vary widely. Most trades give free estimates, reflecting the latest pricing factors.  It is recommended to get 3 quotes on any desired work.  I can sometimes give a reasonable price range for items, but this should never be considered a quote or a guarantee that the price range is totally accurate, my expertise is in locating the issue and recommending fixes, not in pricing.

Servicing Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas including: Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Gentry, West Fork, Springdale, West Fork, Prarie Grove, Farmington and Fayetteville, Arkansas.