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Servicing Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas including: Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Gentry, West Fork, Springdale, West Fork, Prarie Grove, Farmington and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

If your buying a home —- you have reached the best home inspection and report available in Northwest Arkansas!! All my customers agree, I have the most accurate and informative report they have seen. Selling your home? Recently I performed a pre-sale home inspection and report for a client in Springdale. The home was well kept, but older with a number of concerns. The home was sold very quickly because the buyer was so impressed with the report they waived getting their own inspection and closed right away.

How to determine which is the best home inspector?
Ask important questions – understand a bit about the NWA home inspector market.

1) Is the home inspector working FULL TIME as an inspector or employed elsewhere and just doing 1 or 2 home inspections a month.

  • You want your home inspector available during all normal business hours and to be able to time the home inspection around YOUR schedule! You should be able to get the inspector to your job within 24 hours if desired. Ask the inspector how many inspections they did last month. It should be over a dozen.
  • A full time inspector tends to have better equipment, reports, knowledge and prices (part timers may cherry pick jobs with very high prices).
  • full time inspectors are just more experienced and in touch with current issues and conditions and will be able to serve you better.

2) Does the home inspector have any physical limitations that would limit their access to tall laders, roofs, crawl spaces or small openings?

  • The inspector legally can decide what is safe for him or her to access.
  • I have been hired by clients because their last inspector was too heavy for the ladder and wrote that the attic was inaccesible.

3) When did the inspector first become licensed?

Get an inspector with years of experience and related prior work.

4) Ask about the report! — Reoprt quality varies greatly.

  • Does it have pictures? (not required)
  • Is it a narrative or checkbox? (narrative takes hours to prepare, but you will understand it).
  • Is there a summary page?
  • Is there a energy addendum for green ideas?
  • When will the report be ready?, it should never take longer than 48 hours, same day if desired.

5) Is the crawl space included in the same low price?

6) Are follow up letters to insurance agents included if desired at no additional cost? (Often insurance discounts may be available).

7) Does the inspector have his own lock box access, or do you have to arrange that timing with the realtor?

8) Can you attend or follow the inspector? (You really should)

9) Does the inspector offer a Warranty through a 3rd party?

There are reasons why Realtors use Safe at Home when they purchase their own homes. There simply is no better option in NWA. Safe at Home – Home Inspections is located in Springdale, AR and operates throughout NWA. Steven Rehbock of Safe at Home – Home Inspections is a residential Home Inspection specialist, with over 30 years of experience as a Home Inspector and a luxury custom home builder, owner of Crescent homes inc. See our FAQ for quick answers.

Have you ever had a home “how to” question and just needed someone to get a quick answer from?

The home inspector at Safe at Home will be happy to answer those for you through Email for as long as you like. No one else even sells such a benefit, we offer it as a courtesy, worth more than the price of the inspection alone!


Limited Warranty through American Home Warranty Company*

Energy Efficiency inspections! Full report with suggestions. Sample Report

A Home inspector should be chosen as early as possible because the time is limited by contract for the buyer to have this service performed.

    • Call 479-422-1797 to confirm a few simple details which starts the home inspector to work for you.
    • No legal contract needs to be signed, no faxing needed. One call or a text does it all.

Safe at Home – Home inspections will remind realtors to be sure the utlilties are all on in order to deliver the best inspection possible.

  • The home inspector, client, existing occupant (if any), and realtors agree on the best time to perform the inspection.

Safe at Home’s home inspector can work alone, or accompanied. Clients who are at the inspection or at least there at the end, tend to be more comfortable in their new home than clients who relied on the report alone. Perhaps one reason for this is that the home inspector will actually walk you through your new home to explain the findings to you.

Safe at Home – Home Inspections remains available for questions or follow-up through E-mail or telephone for as long as you need.

I feel it is so important to meet in person to walk through the findings, I have even made multiple trips to meet my clients schedule. To date I have not ever charged extra for such a service. Every effort is made to make one trip when possible.

* Home Warranty is available to all clients, buyers and Sellers, provided by a third party at a small cost which can be added to your inspection fee. Safe at home home inspection has decided to give our clients the option rather than including the policy with every home inspection and slighty raising prices because some clients already have that coverage and in some cases policy limitations reduce the benefit.

Servicing Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas including: Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton, Gentry, West Fork, Springdale, West Fork, Prarie Grove, Farmington and Fayetteville, Arkansas.